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Seven Runes

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  1. Zolomuro
    Runes add or enhance champion abilities and statistics. Players can use them to customize their champions before the start of a game. Runes are combined in Rune Pages. Each Rune page includes a Keystone Rune and five Secondary Runes. Keystone Runes are the most powerful. Before each match players choose the rune page they want to use. Rune pages can only be edited while outside of .
  2. Tora
    Different Types and Ultra Runes There are different kind of Runes that provide different stats boosts, the kind of runes depend on the Element. There are Precision Runes, Bulkwark Runes, Focus Runes, Battle and Power Runes, etc. See Crafting/Runes more details.
  3. Kajilkis
    Straight from the badlands, Rune 7 is the biggest, brashest, craziest bad girl to ever crash the party. Swords will clash, guns will blaze, butts will be kicked. She's not looking for war. She's just looking for a .
  4. Tar
    Galio Runes for Patch based on professional matches. Check out which Runes are used on Galio by the best players.
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  6. Mogar
    The rune will be in the Lord Regent's "safe room" (or panic room) on the roof. Evade (or destroy) the Tallboy in the safe room, as well as the Overseer organist, and claim the rune in the map room.
  7. Araramar
    SEVEN RUNE METHOD. Concentrate on your issue and draw seven runes, one at a time. Lay the runes face down in the above order. In this reading, you interpret two runes together for a combined meaning: Turn over the 1st and 2nd runes. These two combined form the issue or problem.
  8. Yocage
    Rune of Obedience () Rune of Razing () Rune of Resistance () Rune of the Inscrutable One () Rune of the Lord’s Palanquin () Rune of the Mistress () Sin runes resemble runic tattoos inscribed in the flesh with arcane inks and scar-inducing irritants.

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